Monday, April 6, 2009

Wayang Wahyu recording at RRI Solo

Spent a couple of hours at RRI Solo on Sat morning (4 April) observing a recording session of a wayang wahyu, a form of Christian wayang. The dalang this time was Siti Amini Subanto, and again the music was directed by Blacius Subono (who also played kendang) and the other musicians were all school employees.

The story was Yusup Dadi Wong Pinunjul - the biblical story of Joseph - and while no puppets were used for the recording it was a joy to observe. The puppeteer (one of the very few woman puppeteers around) was brilliant in bringing the different characters to life- an aged and easily fooled Jacob, a well-mannered Joseph, Joseph's cruel and petty brothers, a slave trader desparate to make a deal etc. While she had some trouble with suluk (not helped by Bono's very difficult musical arrangements) her humour and charm and conviction made for wonderful storytelling.

The play will air on Radio RRI Solo on Saturday night 11 April (the night before Easter).

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