Tuesday, April 7, 2009


A professor friend from London is visiting and, after some hinting that he was in search of some night-time recreation, I took him out to a Yogyakarta club last night. We first tried to go to Hugo's, an expat hangout, only to find it closed - perhaps we arrived too early (9.30 pm). We then went over to Jalan Magelang, Yogya's nightlife centre, and at the recommendation of the cabbie went to Bosche. At first, when he pronounced this, I heard 'Pussy', causing some titters and embarassment.

Boshce as it turned out is a very loud, very East Asian type of club. Waiters and waitresses are dressed in primary school like attire with their hair died red and spiked. On the ground floor there are private rooms for 'parties'. There is also a karaoke bar and a 'cafe'. We waited in a lounge/bar area until the latter opened and then were marched upstairs to a very loud and spacious bar area. A band played on a stage - with video projections in the background. Some of the songs were in English, some in Indonesian, but it was sometimes hard to distinguish, due to the distortion of the soundsystem. Men sat at barstools and tables. Male and female singers alternated songs. The latter were dressed in somewhat sexy costumes, and later socialized with the guests and waiters. A single barmaid introduced herself to my friend and me, and then walked away. We drank our beers (at Rp 35,000 each). After the band finished their set, waiters took to the runway stage in front of the band instruments and danced to flashing lights and projections and music with a throbbing bass line that shook me to the bones. After an hour we called it a night, and went somewhere quieter for hot drinks and snacks.

Who goes to these clubs? Why?

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