Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wayang Lokananta

I am currently in the UK preparing for a big wayang performance on 28/29 April with musical director John Pawson and a large number of gamelan musicians from around the country - celebrating the 30th anniversary of the University of York's gamelan Sekar Pethak. Rehearsals of this have taken me around the country (London, Oxford, Bristol, Glasgow, Durham, York). One of the organizers of this wayang (which is a high point of a gamelan symposium) has set up a posterous space (http://lokananta.posterous.com) and I've been blogging there - providing 'dhalang updates' for the benefit of contributors to this massive event. The tour has been interesting for me on multiple levels - and provided a nice break from my sabbatical at NIAS this year. Inevitably the experience of touring will work itself into the wayang itself - always a reflexive medium.

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