Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Asian Performing Arts Forum

I am in the process of setting up a new forum called the Asian Performing Arts Forum ( This is envisaged as a site for researchers of Asian theatre, dance and music to discuss recent research and dialogue with representatives of commuities of interest. The plan is to have monthly meetings in an academic year on a specific theme, leading to a June symposium.

I will be working together with my colleagues Avanthi Meduri at Roehampton (a researcher of bharatanatyam) and Ashley Thorpe at Reading (who researchers Chinese opera).

The hope is to raise awareness in London and around the UK of important issues in the field of Asian performing arts, as well as generate new research collaborations and synergies between 'the industry' and academia.

Have a look at for further info.

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Diyah Larasati said...

This is great, Both of you are great scholar, so I trust and looking forward to the production of knowledge and hope to read more also about arts production that has been neglected because of access to "main" spaces has been control by many socio and political factors or solely an economical matter. with regards.